4 TDP members in Rajya Sabha ‘merges’ with BJP

New Delhi: In a surprise move that will hurt Telugu Desam Party (TDP), four of its six Rajya Sabha MPs have submitted a resolution to Chairman of the Upper House, Venkaiah Naidu, saying that the TDP has merged with the BJP in the House.

In effect the four of its six members have joined the BJP party. They say that they took the decision at the meeting of the Legislature Party of Telugu Desam in the Rajya Sabha. The resolution says that the TDP has merged with the saffron party. The four MPs were Y. S. Chowdary, C. M. Ramesh, T. G. Venkatesh, and G. Mohan Rao.

The MPs met Venkaiah Naidu together with BJP Working President, J. P. Nanda and Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha, Thawar Chand Ghelot. The resolution submitted to Venkaiah Naidu says that the Legislature Party met under the leadership of Chowdary and deputy leader Ramesh. The TDP has now 3 members in the Lok Sabha.

The resolution says, “Inspired and encouraged by the impeccable leadership of Shri Narendra Modi and the development policies being pursured by him in the overall interest of the nation. We have desired to merge with the BJP with immediate effect under Paragraph 4 of the Tenth Schedule to the Constitution of India.”

It also called upon the BJP President to accept the merger and convey his acceptance through a resolution to Rajya Sabha Chairman and to request him to allow the merger and treat as part of the BJP Legislature party.

Later the MPs formally joined the BJP at the party headquarters in Delhi and was welcomed by Nadda, Gehlot and Genreal Secretary Bhupinder Yadav.


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