A novice from the dynastic enterprise steps out to protect the Indian constitution


We were travelling from Varanasi to Prayagraj after having the holy darshan of Kashi Vishwanath on March 7, morning by a taxi cab. The driver was a simple man with humility. He was from a village in the outskirts of Varanasi.

What surprised us in our interactions with this gentleman during the nearly 3 hour drive, was the fact that the young driver did not know that Priyanka Vadra was a Christian, reportedly living in the USA of late, and the more he did not know her background except that she belongs to the Nehru family. The poor man was not aware of the fact that she belongs to the most corrupt dynasty which has been looting this country for decades.

According to him his villagers also do not know this fact. He was praising her and her family for their contributions to the nation, and that explicitly demonstrated his ignorance. It is appeared to us that no proper awareness campaign has been done in the rural villages of eastern UP and other parts of the state and, as a result, the poor Hindu people are being fooled by the members from the Indo-Italian dynastic politics.

What is this lady’s background except for being the wife of  Robert Vadra and the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi, grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru. Does that qualification suffice one to make tall claims. Therefore, it sounded ridiculous when she told the Prayagraj residents while launching an election campaign with a three-day steamer ride on the Ganga that “she had stepped out of her home as the country and the Constitution were in danger.” as if the country is her family’s ancestral property. It is, of course, true that no more looting would be possible if Modi returns to power and certainly the law of the land will prevail.

Staying out of the dynastic rule for long, as is evident, is painful even though huge sums have been looted and stacked outside the country. When looted money is held in the hands it will be disturbing and painful if not protected by power. Hence, for them who cannot imagine of living without the support of power being the “Raja-Maharaja” of the country, power has to be captured at any cost and for which they don’t have any qualms to apply any deceptive tactics needed for achieving their objective. Fooling the poor Hindus is one of such strategies. What authority has she got to make this kind of claims such as that “No country can function like this. I could have also sat at home. I sat home for many years…Why have I come out today? I came out because the country is in danger; our Constitution is under threat. Recognise this and wake up to it,”

The law of the country is taking its course and hence for them the Constitution is in danger. Her husband Robert Vadra, also the brother-in-law of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, last month appeared before the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for the fifth time in connection with an allegedly money-laundering case related to purchase of alleged illegal assets abroad. He is reportedly waiting for an anticipatory bail.

Meanwhile, the Congress General Secretary’s brother Rahul Gandhi and their mother Sonia Gandhi are on bail in regards to The National Herald Scam which is an ongoing case in a Delhi court filed by Economist and politician Dr Subramanian Swamy. As per the complaint filed in the court of the Metropolitan Magistrate, Indian National Congress granted an interest-free loan of ₹90.25 crore (US$14 million) to Associated Journals Limited (AJL), owner of the National Herald newspaper which was established by Jawaharlal Nehru and other freedom fighters in 1938. It was alleged that the loan was either not repaid or repaid in cash, which is in violation of Section 269 T of the Income Tax Act, 196.

Their infamous credentials thus, starts from Bofors to latest Agusta Westland chopper issue. The entire family is allegedly deluged in corruption. And yet, shamelessly these members of the dynastic enterprise are raising questions and challenging Narendra Modi’s unblemished and impeccable record. For a dynasty fully labelled with black blots, unblemished and impeccable records are something that are neither in their dictionary nor is in their legacy. Right from their great grand father the country has been ruled as if it is their own property. Consequently, the country’s future does not seem to have acquired any priority. The Kashmir and Chinese problems are therefore were created by the dynasty right from the first Prime Minister.

Arun Jaitley rightly pointed out recently that “the original mistake, both on Kashmir and China, was committed by the same person”. He said in quoting a letter written by Nehru to Chief Ministers on August 2 ,1955. Nehru’s lack of confidence in his ability to persuade Muslims to get out of the psychological and cultural ghetto of their own making and join the mainstream coupled with his boundless affinity towards this community and its culture has not only led to the infliction of perpectual wounds in the body of this great country but also has created dynasty following the same legacy ruling for decades weakening the strength of the country. Kashmir problem is the creation of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It is known to everybody.

China has been repeatedly vetoing the UNSC resolution demanding to declare the J e M leader, Maulana Masood Azhar, as a global terrorist. China has been given this stick to beat India by none other than Jawaharlal Nehru who had “declined a United States offer” to India to “take the permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council” around 1953 and suggested that it be given to China, according to the United Nations Under-Secretary General in 2004, Sashi Tharoor. Why did Nehru back the PRC’s case for UN membership? Some believe that this was Nehru’s ploy to appease Mao in light of increasing acrimony between India and PRC in the 1950s. Unwilling to ramp up military expenditure, the theory goes, Nehru found it prudent to humor Mao and stave off any showdown.

Others argue that Nehru’s misplaced enthusiasm for Asian solidarity, where he saw India and the PRC as being fellow travelers in the broader historical journey, led to him supporting the PRC. Broadly, most ascribe Nehru’s stand to his idealism and lack of appreciation about the “truth” of international relations – that power matters and needs to be engaged wisely.(By Nabarun Roy)

Sarvepalli Gopal in his biography of Nehru (1979) wrote: “He [Jawaharlal Nehru] rejected the Soviet offer to propose India as the sixth permanent member of the Security Council and insisted that priority be given to China’s admission to the United Nations.” (p. 248). Nehru’s response within the week was unequivocal: In your letter you mention that the State Department is trying to unseat China as a Permanent Member of the Security Council and to put India in her place. So far as we are concerned, we are not going to countenance it. That would be bad from every point of view.

It would be a clear affront to China and it would mean some kind of a break between us and China. We shall go on pressing for China’s admission in the UN and the Security Council. India because of many factors, is certainly entitled to a permanent seat in the security council. But we are not going in at the cost of China (Anton Harder, The Wire). Nehru not only deprived the country of a Permanent seat in UN Security Council but also sow the seeds of alienation of Kashmir, in fact, as early as July, 1952, when Nehru announced in the Union Parliament the Delhi Agreement leading to the incorporation of Article 370 in the Constitution of India. Contrary to the expectations of the people, the Article 370 “midwifed by Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah, did not really secure the integration of Kashmir with the Indian Union but encouraged the Sheikh to carve out an independent fiefdom for himself”.

If the country failed to introduce a Uniform Civil Code so far, for which the fingers could be pointed out at him.Nehru’s similar dilly-dallying attitude has led to the non-implementation of the Uniform Civil Code. The landmark judgment of Supreme Court on 10th May 1995, and its direction to the Government of India asking it to work towards implementing a uniform civil code, “reminds one of the fills of omission and commission as early as 1954 when Nehru moved the Hindu Civil Code Bill”. Article 44 of the Directive Principles in the Constitution urges the state to “secure for its citizens a Uniform Civil Code”. Parliament can amend the Fundamental Rights for implementing the Directive Principles of state policy so long as the amendment does not touch the basic features of the Constitution and nothing prevents it from enacting legislation to enforce them. “Nehru who scoffed at Hindus for their antiquated religious customs and beliefs could and did have the courage to enact the Hindu Marriage Act (1955), the Hindu Succession Act (1956), in fact , the whole gamut of Hindu Code Bill, though , strongly opposed by no less a person that the then President, Dr Rajendra Prasad. At the same time, Nehru could not muster enough courage to amend the Muslim Personal Law in a similar manner”.

The Supreme Court judgment spelt out that successive governments till date have been wholly remiss in their duty of implementing their Constitutional mandate enshrined in the Directive Principles of the State Policy. The Supreme Court further averred that a Uniform Civil Code was imperative both for the protection of the oppressed and the promotion of national unity and solidarity. The first step towards the Uniform Civil Code was to rationalize the Personal Law of the Minorities “to develop the religious and cultural amity”.

Having failed the nation on almost all fronts, which should have otherwise marched much ahead to become a global power economically, militarily and scientifically, new members of dynastic enterprises were asking what Modi has done in five years of his rule when compared with their around five decades of rule. Enumerating the achievements of the Modi government during its five year term, the Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley said that the economic performance of the NDA govt has been the best in the entire history since independence. He said that NDA govt’s performance on several parameters leave no room for any doubt that this government’s economic policies have been most productive.

Giving some details of economic development in India over the last five year Jaitley in his blog series, ‘Agenda 2019 – Part-9 : The NDA Government’s Economy Report Card vs.

It’s Predecessors’ wrote that Inflation during the period 2009-14 was 10 per cent plus. During the period 2014-19, it will come down to an average of about 4.5 per cent. In fact, the last three years average is much lower. Presently it is close to 2.7 per cent. He added that rural roads were built in 2013-14 at 69 km per day. It has increased to 134 km per day in 2017-18.

He added that Currently the Metro service operates in 14 cities and its length is 645 km. India’s air traffic in the last four years has seen the largest ever growth. Today we have 102 functional airports. We have moved towards near total rural electrification. Jaitley said that various global agencies have already complimented the government for its efforts to stimulate economic growth. However, he added that, majority of so-called economists questioning validity of data are ‘compulsive contrarians’. Rejecting opposition’s ‘fake campaign’ by opposition on job losses, Jaitley asserted that Modi govt has systematically and consistently introduced the much-needed second-generation reforms. “If ignorance is a bliss it is folly to be wise”. Notwithstanding all these facts, the Congress has started its inherited strategy to manufacture false scams out of thin air and spread lies through the leftist media which will make sure that it reached the people. The only objective of the supporters of urban Naxalites, Maoists, parties which are appear to be sympathetic with our enemies across the borders rather than working to strengthen their own motherland, is to throw out Modi and his government.

For the born-corrupt dynastic and family rulers, opportunists, pseudo-secularists, communal forces and the Leftist media they have a fear that if honest, sincere, non-corrupt nationalist government is allowed to continue for one more term that might seal the opportunity for them to loot this country besides remaining weak and stooping before others as it has been in the past. A stable corruption-free regime can only steer India ahead and transform her into a strong economic and military power. Economic growth can be achieved only through innovative measures in agriculture,micro, small and medium enterprises, development of rural sectors, infrastructure, industrialization. Thus, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors could be developed to the highest level. This phenomenon will generate more and more employment, raise per capita income of our people which in turn will improve their standard of living. The country has got sufficient natural resources and manpower to achieve all these objectives. But, for that the country needs a stable corruption free government led by a visionary leader who can lead the nation and its 130 crore people to greater heights. Therefore, the masses should not be carried away by the lies and false propaganda spread by the forces which are opportunists and above all highly corrupt and with doubtful credentials.


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