BJP all set to win a huge victory

New Delhi: The Narendra Modi juggernaut is rolling continuously and nothing seems to stop it. The BJP-led NDA is leading in 341 seats with the Congress trailing far behind at 93 seats and the Mahagathbandan at 25 and Others 85. Celebrations have already begun at the BJP headquarter in Delhi.

The results reflect what the Exit Polls predicted on 19 May just after the last phase of election concluded. NDA is sweeping the Hindi heartland with lead in 54 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 43 seats in Maharashtra which as a total of 48 seats, 9 out of 10 seats in Haryana, 36 seats in the 40 strong Bihar, 28 seats in Madhya Pradesh, one short at 25 seats in Gujarat, and 24 seats in Rajasthan.

BJP is also leading in all the 7 seats in Delhi with no visible AAP or Congress presence.

BJP’s short comings in Uttar Pradesh compared to 2014 general election is being compensated from West Bengal. The Trinamool dominated West Bengal is becoming the highlight of the 2019 elections with BJP making huge inroads into the state. The saffron party is leading in 16 seats. The party had only two MPs during 2014.

BJP also gained in Odisha which saw the party leading in 7 seats. Last time BJP had won only in one seat.

It has become evident that the Congress and the Mahagathbandan had failed to woo the voters of India. Even Rahul Gandhi himself is failing from his home turf and BJP’s Smriti Irani will be the biggest killer of this election season if she could upset the Congress President.

SP-BSP alliance also failed to make much impact on the voters. They might have succeeded in blocking a repeat of 2014 in Uttar Pradesh. However, BJP could tally their lead with inroads into other states.

The voters of India has stood firmly behind the BJP which gave the people a strong government with zero level of corruption and a committed leadership. Indians have given a thumbs up to Modi’s Pakistan policy and all the talk of pro-Pakistan of Congress and its allies have failed to enthuse the voters.

Indians are strongly nationalistic when it comes to its national security and development. India has voted in favour of leader who delivered on both.


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