BJP leader Sandeep Varier exposes film director Aashiq Abu’s claim: Fund collected from public for CM’s flood relief not yet given by director

Kochi: Yuva Morcha state Secretary Sandeep G Varier has exposed film director Aashiq Abu and his wife actress Rima Kallingal for not remitting the money collected under the cover of Chief Minister’s flood relief fund.

Sandeep Varier shared the RTI document on his Facebook page, claiming the lapse from the director. The amount of money collected for flood relief has not been remitted to the state government says the finance ministry in the RTI report.

The allegations are that a large sum of money were collected from a program for flood relief work which was to be given to the government. But the RTI query shows that not a single cent of the money was paid to the chief minister’s relief fund.

Aashiq Abu and his team had organized the Karuna Flood Relief Program last November, with ticket worth Rs 500 and 2000. There were also reports that the artists participating in the event performed without taking any remuneration.

However, the RTI query has stated that till date the state has not been paid the amount.

മുഖ്യമന്ത്രിയുടെ ദുരിതാശ്വാസനിധിയിലേക്ക് എന്ന പേരിൽ നാട്ടുകാരുടെ പണം പിരിച്ച് ആഷിക് അബുവും റിമ കല്ലിങ്കലും സംഘവും പണം പുട്ടടിച്ചതിന്റെ രേഖ ഇതാ..#ആരാടാനാറിനീ#പൊരിച്ചമത്തി

Julkaissut Sandeep.G.Varier Torstaina 13. helmikuuta 2020


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