China comes to Pakistan’s rescue again: UNSC to hold ‘closed door’ consultations on Kashmir issue after Chinese insistence

New Delhi: China’s continuing fears of India exerting its influence in South Asia came out in the open yesterday, when the Chinese decided to insist the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to hole a ‘closed door’ meeting to discuss  India’s move to scrap Article 370.

In response the UNSC President Joanna Wronecka said that the international body will hold closed door meetings to discuss the Kashmir issue, mostly likely today.

The Chinese moves comes after Pakistan prevailed upon its all-weather friend to take the matter with the UNSC. Pakistan had earlier written to the Council President for August, Poland, demanding an emergency meeting to discuss the issue. The Pakistanis said that there was ‘grave threat’ to peace and security in South Asia.

Pakistan had also tried to move the UN on 13 August but remained unresponsive till China’s intervention.

Russia, one of the permanent members of UNSC, came out openly in support of India. They said that India’s action was completely under the constitutional framework of the country.

Even United States chose to ignore Pakistan’s contentions. The only statement US gave was that both India and Pakistan must resolve the issue bilaterally, which is the position maintained by India.

Pakistan was frustrated after Russia and the United States chose to back India. Pakistani Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, even said that no one at UNSC is waiting with garlands to support Pakistan’s demands concerning Kashmir.

However, Pakistan has been able to move China to seek a discussion on Kashmir at the UNSC. China, which has its own interests at Aksai Chin, is willing to use UNSC to denounce India’s action in Kashmir.

Amit Shah had declared in Parliament that Aksai Chin along with Pakistan occupied Kashmir is part of India. This has left the Chinese in jittery who controls Aksai Chin.


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