Chinese President Xi Jinping on a two day visit to North Korea: Holds meeting with Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang (North Korea): Chinese President, Xi Jinping, is on a two day visit to the neighbouring country of North Korea. The visit comes at a time when both China and North Korea are having a tough time dealing with the United States. While China is struggling over an economic war with the Western country, the North Korea is not happy with the US for not giving an let up on its sanctions during their meeting.

The Chinese President and his wife was received with the ceremonial 21 gun salute. The North Koreans are equally excited with the visit because China is the only ally and friend of the North Koreans. They look up to the communist China for international support and financial and material help.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, arrived at the airport along with his wife Ri Sol Ju. There were 10,000 people waving flags and chanting slogans to visit Xi Jinping. It is after 14 years that a Chinese President is visiting North Korea.

The Chinese news agency Xinhua said that China will play a unique and constructive role in breaking the cycle of mistrust between North Korea and the US to resolve the issues related to the nuclear program of North Korea. The China is supporting the denuclearization of North Korea through talks and diplomacy.

However, China do not see eye to eye with the US on many issues regarding the negotiations. It do not support the US stand that sanctions will be lifted only after the North Korean leader dismantle its full nuclear infrastructure. Kim Jong is demanding that sanctions must be lifted step-by-step in tandem with the dismantling of his country’s nuclear program.

China too supports North Korea’s ‘suspension for suspension’ proposal. China has asked both the countries to have reasonable expectations and refrain from imposing unilateral and unrealistic demands.

Both the nations fought the US together in the Korean war in early 1950’s. Their friendship has sustained all through the years and China protected the dictatorial regime of North Korea since its inception. However, the recent nuclear program of North Korea has irked the Chinese who wants the country to stop the program to develop nuclear weapons.


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