Christian activists accuse Pakistan authorities for trying to destroy Christian minorities by aiding groups that lure Christian girls into prostitution in China

Islamabad: Pakistan is a country where human rights have no value and where minorities are facing total annihilation under Muslim majority. Vulnerable groups include Hindus, Christians, and other minority communities. Christian activists say there is a conspiracy against them by Pakistani authorities to wipe away their community.

Now reports say that girls from Christian community are trafficked to China and forced into prostitution. The girls are trafficked on the pretext of marrying Chinese nationals.

Pakistan media say that several Church clerics and Pakistan and Chinese traffickers are working in tandem to force women into prostitution after promising them of a happy married life in China.

Different reports say that 700 marriages were took place in last one year to meet the growing demand for foreign brides in China. The Chinese one child policy has led to a situation where men find it hard to find prospective brides for marriage.

These traffickers target poor Christian families in Pakistan and lure the families to marry of their daughters with a promise of good life and money for the girls’ families.

However, once the girls are brought over to China they are sold into prostitution and are suffering untold miseries in the Communist country. These girls are kept as slaves by the owners and are forced into prostitution.

Many Christian activists see this illegal trafficking and forced prostitution a conspiracy against their religion. They accuse Pakistan authorities for falling to the pressure of powerful Islamic hardliners in the country and helping these traffickers continue with their crime.

These hardliners do not want any other religion to exist in the country except Islam. Trafficking these girls into prostitution in China will ensure the slow death of the Christian community in the country.

Christian activists are aware of the conspiracy of the Pakistani state and its fundamental Muslim elements to wipe the minority community from the country. The minority Hindu community is also facing such situations in the country.

Many Hindu girls are kidnapped and forced into  marriage to Muslim men. The girls are then forced to convert to Islam with the tactical support of Pakistani authorities. The cries of the girls’ families are never heard and justice is never served for them.

The blasphemy laws in Pakistan is severe and one could end up in jail or on death row for merely criticizing Islam.


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