College magazine offends Father of the Nation and Sabarimala; protest against SFI

Malappuram: The SFI Students Union of the Calicut University erroneously drew the pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mahatma Gandhi and Sabarimala in the magazine released by the Union. The magazine has portrayed full of anti-national references leading to stronger protests against it.

Under the leadership of SFI of the Calicut University, the students union unveiled the magazine which depicts Sabarimala and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The magazine, titled Post Truth, is full of anti-national poems and stories. In a poem Bharat Mata Ki, the country is said to be in danger. The poem states that the country is lying on a cow-dung smeared bed of lotus and that the democracy is getting depleted.

Sabarimala Ayyappan is insulted in a very grave manner in the magazine. Not even the Makara Jyoti, which is considered sacred by devotees, is left alone. The magazine has bitterly hurt the sentiments of the devotees.

There’s also another poem which says that Mahatma Gandhi was killed as he refused to chant Jai Sree Ram. The ABVP said that it would lodge a complaint with the University’s Vice-Chancellor.


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