Communists ousted British from India; Similar case to be with Modi govt: CPM

Thiruvananthapuram: The CPM mouthpiece says that it was the Communists who evicted the British from India. These claims were made in an article published for the 100th anniversary of the formation of the party.

The article states that democracy was brought to India by the Communists and that the party grew in tandem with the freedom struggle .In the first decades of independence, the slogan of land reform was made the central theme of Indian politics by the Communist Party. The Communist Party was also at the forefront of the struggle for the formation of linguistic states. The article also claims that the Communist Party had put forward such an idea even before independence.

The Communist Party of India is also there to fight against the Hindutva forces. Changes in the structure of classes and other neoliberal capitalism are adversely affecting the development of the working class and peasant movements. This creates many limitations for Left-led state governments in implementing alternative policies. The CPI (M) and the Left forces are formulating tactical approaches and slogans to overcome this situation.

For the last six years, the central government has been run by a political party based on the Hindutva ideology and that too they are controlled by the RSS. The challenge of nationalism will be met with anti-imperialism, secularism and inclusive nationalism.


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