Congress Ecosystem Manufactures Rafale Imaginary Scam Like The Coffin Scam


Memories remain momentary and hence many especially the present generation may not have any idea about the tactics applied by the Congress Party to win the elections and to retain the dynastic rule. It’s common tactic right from the time of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to deflect criticism regarding corruption among its leaders was to use the socialists or the radicals to shout down and silence such objectors. This inheritance without any mistake or lapse is appears to be followed by the party even now against the ruling party in both the houses of Parliament.

Nehru said to have used this “technique to encourage the radical camp within the Congress and even the Communists to start a whispering campaign, branding Sardar Patel, his sole equal, as a fascist”. Where as, the Congress’s prospective PM, unlike his great grandfather, without any inhibition or rather propriety was openly calling the present Prime Minister “Chor”, as if he has stolen something from his Palace.

His grand mother, “Indira Gandhi perfected this art by using her shouting brigade and other vocal ministers and Members of Parliament to do her bidding to silence the critics of corruption rampant in her time. The family heritage was duly passed on to Rajiv Gandhi, who used his own new set of imperial guard, with loud speakers in their lungs, to silence the opposition”. And the legacy continues even now by disrupting businesses in both the houses of the Parliament by making uproar using false allegations along with fellow shouters, as the corrupt view every thing through their jaundiced eye.
The people might have forgotten the “Kargil Coffin Scam” , a false propaganda which the Congress spread across the country when the Vajpayee government was about to complete its term. Similarly, as the Modi government’s term is nearing its completion, they have now invented an imaginary scam on the Rafale deal with France to mislead the nation and its masses.

Then, they succeeded with the “Coffin scam” because a decision from the Court emanated only after nine years. Where as, in this case, the Supreme Court has come out with its decision on the Rafale saying that the Apex Court did find nothing wrong with a deal to purchase 36 Rafale fighter jets from France. A bench headed by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi said that it had studied the matter “extensively” and that it was “satisfied that there is no occasion to doubt the process of signing the Rafale deal. “Stating that “Perception of individuals cannot be the basis of roving inquiry by the court,” the Supreme Court said “it had no objection to any part of of the deal”.
Dismissing all the PILs that demanded a court-monitored probe into the Rafale deal, the Apex Court said the Rafale deal process was perfectly fine.

And yet, for the Congress, which seldom respect the judiciary, the decision of the Country’s highest seat of Judiciary becomes unacceptable when the verdict goes against its expectations and interest. Therefore, they want a JPC to be constituted to keep this false propaganda alive till the next Parliamentary elections. If one turns the cloak back one could find whenever the opposition demanded JPC on its series of scams Congress has never acceded to the former’s demand.
Perhaps in the History of Independent India, the present government can be credited with good governance and an administration that has steered the country to a respectable position in the comity of the nations in the world apart from implementing what they have promised to the people during the elections in 2014. It is not unnatural that for the parties deluged in corruption, nepotism and all such vices, a totally corruption-free government for which national security is its top priority followed by strengthening of the country’s economy steering it to the fifth in the world, overall development, uplift of the poor, the farmers apart from empowering of women etc., etc., is something which is beyond their comprehension.

A small flash back of the Congress rule since Independence gives the impression that corruption, nepotism etc were its way of rule. Durga Das, the author of the Book ‘India From Curzon to Nehru’. In one of his addresses to a distinguished audience on the subject of Sardar Patel, put this very succinctly, “Gandhi and Vallabbhai Patel carved our destiny for themselves. Jawaharlal was the child of destiny; Lal Bahadur Shastri was thrown up by destiny: Indira Gandhi is the instrument of destiny”. In the same address he says again “I will take you back to the psyche. We worship or revere or salute an uncommon man. Gandhi became an uncommon man when he wore the garb of a saint and became a Mahatma in word and deed. Nehru was sold to the people by Gandhi as a prince who put on the garb of a Sadhu”.

“From the very beginning of his charge, Nehru wanted quick results and aimed at the spectacular, not substantive, the pedestrian nor profound. He seldom thought of building national character first, but preferred to invest in big dams, and steel mills which he called the temples of modern India. Lacking character, the leaders even in Gandhi’s time had started showing their venality. Starting from Krishna Menon’s Jeep scandal, the Mundhra deal, Dharma Teja, K D Malaviya’s oil scandal and Pratap Singh Kairon’s high handedness and his corruption ridden sons, the tale was unending. Nehru closed his eyes to all. See no evil, that seemed to have been his motto. When someone reminded him of Kairon’s misdeeds, he shot back. ‘What if some national money is misused, but he works and produces results’. This venality in politicians was not a subject for public discourse.

But, his son-in law Feroze Gandhi embarrassed him in the Parliament and brought the skeleton of the awkward Mundhra deal tumbling out from the closet, and in the wake of public uproar, T T Krishnamachari, the then Finance Minister, was reluctantly asked by Nehru to resign. Nehru, though himself financially honest, did little to bring to book the corrupt leaders, and hereby lies a precedent which his worthy daughter so well emulated. And thus corruption became the way of life with almost all politicians. Probity in public life was given a quiet burial. The lady when cornered on this issue by the insistent apposition remarked nonchalantly that corruption is a world wide phenomenon. Nehru and his dynasty sowed the winds. The deprived masses are now reaping the whirlwind.”
Indira Gandhi perfected this art by using her shouting brigade and other vocal ministers and Members of Parliament to do her bidding to silence the critics of corruption rampant in her time. The family heritage was duly passed on to Rajiv Gandhi, who used his own new set of imperial guard, with loud speakers in their lungs, to silence the opposition.

There has been a series of scams. In Hawala and Housing scams the Supreme Court itself had to indict ministers and bureaucrats for criminal offences, corruption and misuse of power. Thus, none of its term ended without a major scam and just a few to mention such as Bofors, 2-G 3- G, Coal, Augusta Westland,, National Herald and thus goes the list. And yet, now Rahul Gandhi is also appears to be perfecting this legacy despite being in the opposition.

As far as nepotism is concerned, during Nehru’s lifetime, there was any number of Pandits, Saprus, Kauls, Katjus, Dhars and, of course, Nehrus and other kins and next to next of kins of the first family who served the nation in different capacities. One was made an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer and put in the foreign service, an elitist service then by any standards.

“An official (non-Kashmiri, non-Brahmin) who worked closely with Nehru for a time wrote that enemies of the Prime Minister used to say that his search for talent and gift for talent spotting was limited to those around him and particularly to Kashmiris, and amongst them, those who were in one way or another connected with the Nehru family; certainly the record does substantiate the suspicion that Nehru was drawn to Kashmiris, and he never found in close family ties reasons not to appoint people to high office. But it can be said that often such appointees had or appears to have high qualities, and probably Nehru’s favouritism was unconscious”.

Notwithstanding all these, the Congress has started its inherited strategy to manufacture false scams out of thin air and spread lies through the leftist media which will make sure that it reached the people. The only objective of the supporters of urban Naxalites, Maoists, parties which are appear to be sympathetic with our enemies across the borders rather than working to strengthen their own motherland, is to throw out Modi and his government. For the born-corrupt dynastic and family rulers, opportunists, pseudo-secularists, communal forces they have a fear that if honest, sincere, non-corrupt nationalist government is allowed to continue for one more term that might seal the opportunity for them to loot this country besides remaining weak and stooping before others as it has been in the past.

A stable corruption-free regime can only steer India ahead and transform her into a strong economic and military power. Economic growth can be achieved only through innovative measures in agriculture, micro, small and medium enterprises, development of rural sectors, infrastructure, industrialization. Thus, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors could be developed to the highest level. This phenomenon will generate more and more employment, raise per capita income of our people which in turn will improve their standard of living. The country has got sufficient natural resources and manpower to achieve all these objectives. But, for that the country needs a stable corruption free government led by a visionary leader who can lead the nation and its 130 crore people to greater heights.

Therefore, the masses should not be carried away by the lies and false propaganda spread by the forces which are opportunists and above all highly corrupt and with doubtful credentials.


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