Congress in distress: ‘Biggest problem is our leader walked away’ says Salman Khurshid

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid said that struggles in the Congress party are such that it is unlikely to win the upcoming Assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra. He also said that Congress is not sure of its own future.

According to Associated Press (AP), Salman Khurshid said the Congress is facing attrition because it is “taking too long to come to terms” with its defeat in the Lok Sabha elections whose results were declared on May 23.
Khurshid said that their leader left in a huff after the party’s defeat in the Lok Sabha elections.

“We haven’t really got together to analyze why we got defeated. Our biggest problem is our leader has walked away,” Khurshid said, adding that Rahul Gandhi still retains the allegiance of the party.

“It’s kind of left a vacuum,” Khurshid said. “Sonia Gandhi stepped in, but there is more than an indication that she is treating herself as a stop-gap arrangement. I wish it wasn’t so.”

Ever since the defeat of the Congress party in the last Lok Sabha elections, many top leaders have been quitting the party due to differences of opinion.

Former Haryana Congress chief Ashok Tanwar resigned last week and alleged that those who worked against the party’s interests in the last five years have been given preference over those who worked hard for it.


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