External Affairs Ministry gets in touch with Iran to secure the release of Indians aboard ship held by Iranian security forces

New Delhi: Amidst the tensions in the Strait of Hormuz, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has stepped into bring back the 18 Indians aboard the UK flagged ship held by Iranian security forces. The Indian authorities have already contacted the Iranians to repatriate the Indians who were crew members at British oil tanker named ‘Stena Impero’.

The Spokesperson for the MEA, Raveesh Kumar, said, “We are ascertaining further details of the incident. Our Mission (High Commission) is in touch with the Iranian government to secure the early release and repatriation of Indian nationals.”

Reports say that the Stena Impero was carrying a total of 23 crew when it was seized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The Iranian forces blamed the Stena Impero for colliding with an Iranian fishing vessel and seized it on Friday.

Iran and the US with its allies are on a standoff at the Strait of Hormuz where a bulk of the world’s oil shipments travel. Iran had repeatedly warned that they will block the strait if they are threatened by the western powers. The US had very recently shot down an Iranian drone.

The Islamic country had before that shot down an US drone while it entered their air space.

The US had walked out of a deal with Iran which ensured that sanctions slapped on the Islamic nation will be reduced if it agrees to lower its nuclear engagement.

In retaliation the Iranians decided to enrich uranium in excess to the limits stipulated in the treaty. This has led to a dangerous standoff between the Western countries and Iran.


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