Extreme weather subsides, but poor visibility, more rains expected in UAE today

Dubai: Weather conditions in the UAE have stabilised hours after alerts are hosted across the country, although more rain is forecast to fall on some parts.

Police in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have confirmed that conditions have already subsided, adding that they are thankful to the public for being responsive, and for heeding security warnings.

The National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) on Monday advised the public that scattered rain showers will still be possible, especially in the western and northern coastal areas, although the night will be humid and mists are likely to form.

There are no more warnings for beachgoers today, but winds are expected to reach maximum speeds of 45 kilometres per hour at times and stir up dust and sand, causing poor visibility in some locations. The seawaters will also be moderate to rough.

According to weather forecasters, some rain clouds could still form today, bringing scattered showers in the western and northern regions.

“Some convective clouds will form, accompanies with scattered rainfall, especially over some western and northern coastal areas,” NCM said.


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