Film producers in Kerala complain about rampant drug abuse among young actors

Kochi: Mollywood is witnessing a drug abuse that is causing worry among the producers who spend crores of rupees into each movie. Yesterday, the Producers Association conducted a press meet to highlight the threat posed by advanced drugs against the Malayalam movie industry.

Association President, M. Ranjith, told the media that many actors are under the influence of drugs and that the association has decided to take a tough stand against it.

One can easily detect if someone is using cannabis from the smell. However, the producers tell that now these actors are using more potent drugs like LSD which are hard to detect. Different actors react differently under the influence of such advanced drugs.

The producers demanded that the caravans of the actors must be searched because most actors who come for shooting usually spend their time in caravans when there is no shoot. Many actors do not even reach the location on time. The producers said their organization will give full support for such searches.

They also said that unless they get some kind of guarantee they would not risk producing movies.

Some actors and directors based in Kochi are believed to have close contacts with drug lobbies. They are accused of creating confusion and anarchism in the movie industry. It is said that this film lobby based in Kochi is responsible for supplying drugs to the actors.


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