First defence deal of NDA-III: India signs Rs. 300 Cr. deal with Israel to buy 100 SPICE bombs to boost military capability

New Delhi: Narendra Modi government today signed its first military deal since the 3rd NDA government assumed office on 30 May. India signed the deal with its closest ally, Israel, to buy 100 SPICE bombs with high explosives warhead for the Indian Air Force worth Rs. 300 crore.

The earlier version of SPICE bombs, the Spice-2000, shot to fame in India when media reported that these bombs were used to destroy the terror camps at Balakot. The bombs penetrated the roofs of the Jaish-e-Mohammad camps and exploded inside the building killing everyone inside. The bombs left the buildings more or less intact.

However, reports say that the new version, SPICE bombs, is even deadlier than its predecessor Spice-2000. SPICE bombs can completely destroy the enemy buildings and bunkers in no time.

Top government sources said, “A contract for procuring over 1000 SPICED bombs with Mark 84 warheads was signed with Israel under emergency provisions as per which the deliveries would be done in three months’ time.”

With the new SPICE bombs, the IAF will acquire the bunker buster or the building destroyer version with Mark 84 warhead and which can decimate targeted buildings.

SPICE bombs have more advanced specifications than those used in Balakot airstrikes. It has a standoff range of 60 km and approaches the target as its unique scene-making algorithm compares the electro-optical image received in real time via the weapon seeker with mission reference datat stored in the weapon computer memory and adjusts the flight path accordingly. SPICE 2000 consists of an add-on kit for warheads such as the MK-84, BLU-109 and RAP-2000.


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