Former nun reveals shocking details of sexual abuse and molestation in Catholic Church in her autobiography

Wayanad: ‘Karthavinte Namathil’ or ‘In the name of Christ’,  the autobiography penned by Sister Lucy Kalappura who belonged to the Order of Franciscan Clarist Congregation in Kerala, is bringing out the issue of sexual abuse rampant in the closed and secretive environment of the powerful Catholic Church.

Interestingly, Sister Lucy Kalappura, was thrown out of her congregation for trying to seek justice for a fellow nun who was raped by Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

In her autobiography, she details the shameful acts and abuses being done against nuns in Catholic Church by priests. She says she has heard of stories of nuns having sexual relations with priests and the priests encourage it too.

There are instances where priests also prey on young girls other than nuns. Lucy Kalappura recounts how her friend’s daughter had an unpleasant encounter with a priest, who was approached to clear some doubts in her studies. The priest began calling the girl on her phone and began speaking in sexually implicit language.

The case was hushed after the priest was forced to apologize by Lucy Kalappura.

Another disturbing revelation by the former nun is how a priest had abused her fellow nun in a church. Lucy goes on to say that young nuns also face abuse both from priests and even elder nuns.

She also said writes that homosexuality is followed by many priests and nuns in the church.

Lucy Kalappura says that those who cannot suppress their sexual desires must be allowed to marry so that those who have real interest in spirituality could continue with God’s work.

Lucy’s autobiography will be released next month and is sure to expose the shameful acts being hidden behind the Catholic Church’s door.


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