Gram Dosa


1.  Bengal Gram          2 Cups Soaked
2.   Chilly Ginger         3 Teaspoon paste
3.   Coriander              1 fist, chopped
4.   Dill                         1 fist, chopped
5.   Onion                    1 medium, chopped
6.   Rice flour               1/2 Cup
7.   Salt                        To taste
8.   Sugar                     To taste
9.   Baking Soda          1 Tea Spoon
10. Water                     As per the requirement

*keep a quarter of chopped Dill and Coriander leaves aside

Blend ingredients 1,2,3,4 and 5 in a blender.

Once blended without any lumps :
Rice flour
Chopped Coriander & Dill leaves (which was kept aside)
Salt and Pepper
Baking Soda
Add water to make the mixture to pouring consistency

Cook the mixture in Dosa pan with a closed lid for 5 minutes

Serve hot with Green chutney, pickle, yogurt or normal coconut chutney.


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