India demolishes Pakistan at the UNHRC over Kashmir issue: Also gives reply to concerns raised against NRC in Assam

Geneva: India gave a befitting reply to Pakistan’s unwarranted accusations against India over Kashmir at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and stressed that it was an internal matter of the country and would not tolerate any foreign powers.

Secretary (East) in the Ministry of External Affairs, Vijay Thakur Singh, spoke for India at the UNHRC and called out Pakistan’s double standards by calling the Islamic nation as the ‘epicenter of global terrorism’.

She said, “One delegation has given a running commentary with offensive rhetoric of false allegations&concocted charges against my country. The world is aware that this fabricated narrative comes from the epicentre of global terrorism, where ring leaders were sheltered for years.”

Vijay Thakur Singh spoke against the Article 370 which was discriminatory to the Kashmiri people. She said, “As a result of recent legislative measures progressive policies will now be fully applicable to our citizens in J&K, & Ladakh. These will end gender discrimination, better protect juvenile rights and make applicable rights to education, information, and work.”

The Secretary also reminded the council that the decision to abrogate the article was taken after due democratic process with a televised debate on Parliament.

She added, “These decisions were taken by our Parliament after a full debate that was televised and enjoyed widespread support. We wish to reiterate that this sovereign decision, like other legislation passed by Parliament, is entirely internal to India.”

The diplomat also spoke about the recent easing of restrictions by saying, “Despite challenging circumstances, Jammu and Kashmir’s Civil Administration is ensuring basic services, essential supplies, normal functioning of institutions, mobility and nearly full connectivity. Democratic processes have been initiated. Restrictions are being eased continuously.”

India also spoke about the free media and vibrant civil society that upholds human rights in the country and accused our neighbour for being the worst violators of human rights by financing and supporting terrorism.

Singh also gave a strong reply to the concerns of the UN High Commissioner for UNHRC, Michelle Bachelet, for the National Register of Citizens (NRC) exercise in Assam.

The Secretary said, “NRC is a statutory, transparent, nondiscriminatory legal process mandated & monitored by Supreme Court of India. Any decision that is taken during its implementation will comply with Indian Law and will be consistent with India’s democratic traditions.”


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