India successfully test fires surface-to-air missile QRSAM

New Delhi: In a significant victory, India’s Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) today successfully test fired the Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile (QRSAM) air defence system at Balasore flight test range in Odisha.

The missile has a range of 25 km and is being developed for the Army. The specifics of the missile is that it can be operated irrespective of the weather and terrain. Also, the advanced electronic system can thwart the enemy aircraft’s attempt to jam the missile.

Moreover, the missile can be mounted on a truck and can be stored in a canister which makes it easy to be transported. On 26 February, two rounds of tests were carried out successfully.

Today’s test of QRSAM test checked for its capabilities and maneuvering abilities. Later an official statement said that all the objectives of the test were met.

India is developing a robust air defence system to protect India’s airspace from enemy attacks through air. QRSAM is an indigenously built air defence missile much like the Akash which is also being built by the DRDO.

India will also be procuring one of the world’s most sophisticated air defence system from Russia. The S-400 defence system is all set to be delivered to India by the end of next year. India went ahead with the procurement of the Russian made S-400 even after strong displeasure by the United States.

With successful test of QRSAM India is one step closer to in forging a strong airspace that enemy airforce will find hard to enter.


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