Indian Air Force gets more lethal as it procures more Spice-2000 bombs from Israel that was used at Balakot terror camps

New Delhi: The Indian Air Force will have more fire power now as it began receiving the Spice-2000 bombs at its Gwalior airbase. These bombs were used successfully at Balakot airstrike which destroyed the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terror camps. The bombs are supplied by an Israeli company.

The Gwalior airbase of the Indian Air Force houses the Mirage 2000 fighter jets that is capable of firing the Spice 2000 bombs. The procurement comes after the Indian Air Force signed a contract worth Rs. 250 crore with Israel with Mark 84 warhead and bombs which can destroy buildings completely.

The IAF signed the contract this June to acquire more than 100 Spice-2000 bombs under emergency procurement powers of the services given by the Modi government.

The contract was signed after the Spice bombs were successful in incinerating the JeM camps at Balakot. During the airstrike the IAF fired Spice-2000 bombs from 12 Mirage fighter jets after crossing the international boundary and going deep into Pakistani territory.

The bombs penetrated the roofs of the buildings and exploded inside the buildings ensuring maximum kills inside the structures.


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