Indian Army to deploy Integrated Battle Groups in borders of Pakistan and China for swift and deadlier military response

New Delhi: Soon Indian Army will deploy the novel Integrated Battle Group (IBG) across the Pakistan border and latter on Chinese border too. The IBG is a more flexible and lethal formation of troops  than the now prevalent Brigades. The IBG has the advantage of being easily maneuverable and can enter enemy territory more efficiently. The IBG can be used for offensive as well as defensive purposes.

The IGB has been cleared at the level of Army Headquarters and not needs to be approved by the defence ministry.

Reports say that a test was conducted to see if the IBGs were effective by the Indian Army’s Western Command.

An army source said, “We carried out an exercise to test the Integrated Battle Groups concept under the Western Command. The feedback from the formations and top commanders has been very positive and that is why we are going to start by raising two to three IBGs along Pakistan border by October this year.”

The IBGs will be headed  by officers of the rank of Major General and will have 5000 personnel each.

Sources say that India will be deploying 3 IBGs across the Indo-Pak border by October and soon there will be IBGs across the border with China as well.

The IGBs are smaller and deadlier self containing fighting units of the Indian Army. It will have elements of air-power, artillery, amour, etc. It has been created to get troops and equipment into enemy territory swiftly and stealthily within a short time.


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