Intel dept an utter failure; state govt arranging safe haven for terrorists : Hindu Aikyavedi

Kottayam: The Hindu Aikyavedi said that the terrorists are seeing Kerala as a safe ground due to state government’s gentle approach towards them. The Kerala government who cracks down heavily upon Maoist terrorists, pretends not to see religious terrorism, said Hindu Aikyavedi state General Secretary R V Babu.

He said that before the National Investigation Agency busted the Al-Qaeda operatives, they were living in Kerala for several years now. It was only due to the State Police’s reluctance that they could not find out terrorists’ hideouts.

It was NIA itself who arrested ISIS militants from Kanakamala. The anti-terrorism squad in the Kerala Police seems to be deactivated. The police intelligence system has also failed in this regard.

Babu lashed out at the state government stating that despite warning from the United Nations and the Central Government, the state government remained motionless and did not take into serious consideration.

“Nowadays militant supporters have also joined the police force. The NIA has revealed that the gold smuggling through the UAE consulate was carried out on behalf of the militants,” he said.

Hindu Aikyavedi demanded that the police should keep an eye on the workers from Bengal and their residential areas. R V Babu also demanded that issuing of ration cards and adding their names in the voters list for the sake of vote bank must be stopped.


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