Is Madhya Pradesh Congress government staring at an impending non-confidence motion?

Bhopal: All is not well for the Congress government of Madhya Pradesh, which is hanging in the balance thanks to internal bickering in the party, non-performance and non-payment of farmers’ dues. Now, the Kamal Nath-led government is facing another serious threat – a potential non-confidence motion against the government.

Reports say that a BJP delegation will visit the Madhya Pradesh Governor, Anandiben Patel, today. The move comes after the BJP has written to the Governor stating that the Madhya Pradesh government is in minority in the State assembly. This could mean that a non-confidence motion is likely in the offing.

The letter was written by the BJP leader and opposition leader, Gopal Bhargava, where he requests the Governor to call an emergency session of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly.

ANI reports Bhargava saying, “It will fall on its own (MP Government), I don’t believe in horse trading but I feel its time has come and it will have to go soon.”

Reports say that BJP leader, Hitesh Bajpai, said that it is the will of the people as the government was not “functioning properly” since it came to power.

In the letter to the Governor, the opposition leader remarked,” There are various problems that have emerged in the past six months. The state is witnessing an acute shortage of drinking water, law and order is under duress and farmers are facing non-payment issues for the wheat and gram crops.”

He also stressed that the farmers are aggrieved on the unclear loan waiver proposal of the government and people are finding it tough to get the benefits from the schemes of the former BJP government.

Speaking about the Congress, Gopal Bhargava said that the grand old party is facing a leadership crisis and it is the main reason for its decline. He also said that the BJP is winning in those states which it had lost six months back during the Assembly elections.  He said it was because of Congress’ false promises and faulty policies.

Congress has only 113 members and the BJP close behind with 109 members in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly. The Kamal Nath government is propped by external support of four independent MLAs and two MLAs of SP-BSP.


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