Is Pakistan isolated in the Arab World?

Saudi Crown Prince postpones visit to Pakistan

New Delhi: In a surprise turn of events, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman has delayed his visit to Pakistan by a day. The foreign office was vague and cited “unknown reasons” behind the delay.

This change of schedule carries huge weight, especially during the wake of Pulwama attack and Saudi Arabia’s condemnation of the terrorist act.

After the attack, Pakistan has been isolated internationally with many countries coming out in support of India and condemning terrorism. The United States had specifically asked Pakistan to end terrorist support on its soil.

It must be noted that Saudi Arabia had given a strong statement in support of India and condemned terrorist activities as “cowardly” and said it “stands with India against terrorism and extremism.”

Saudi Arabia had also offered its condolences to the Indian government and the families of those killed. The country wished a speedy recovery to those injured.

The prince is due to visit India from 19 to 20 February.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s highly successful diplomacy has ensured that the leading Middle Eastern country moves closer to India.

A good example of growing Saudi love for India was witnessed when the former allowed a flight of Air India to Israel to fly over its air space. Considering the animosity that exists between Saudi Arabia and Israel, this gesture shows the level of goodwill that the kingdom has for India.

When Pakistan is trying to deny their involvement in Pulwama attack in front of the world community, Saudi’s support for India makes Pakistan look more isolated in the Arab region.


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