ISI recruiting women to launch terror attacks in J&K; to use tiffin box to fund terrorists says report

Islamabad: Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has been reportedly recruiting women Over Ground Works (OGW) in a bid to guard their terrorists by attacking the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the report of security agencies, due to the strong steps taken by the Indian government, the terrorists present in Kashmir are unable to receive funds from Pakistan. Therefore, the ISI is planning to make the terrorists available with fund through tiffin box.

And for this master plan, the ISI is taking help of women OGWs to protect the terrorists from the security agencies. The female OGW takes the group of terrorists from one place to another as the presence of females help the terrorists in dodging the security agencies.

According to security agencies, the ISI has also directed the terrorists to avoid using mobile phones and stay connected with their commanders through the code words.

The security agencies have said in their reports that a large number of terrorists are currently stationed near the Line of Control and are waiting for the right time to sneak into India with the support of Pakistan Army.

It is learnt that around 380 terrorists are present at launching pads near LoC and Pakistani army has been resorting to regular ceasefire violation in order to help these terrorists enter India.


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