Islamic University in Indonesia to adopt a book on BJP as part of curriculum

Jakarta: As part of the syllabus for undergraduate students of South Asian studies in the Department of International Relations, a book that narrates the history of Bharatiya Janata Party will become part of the course, in the Islamic University of Indonesia.

After the tremendous victory of the BJP twice in India’s general elections, it has evoked a sense of interest among the academicians about it, a faculty member said.

The book titled “Bhartiya Janata Party – Past, Present & Future, Story of World’s Largest Political Party” written by Shantanu Gupta is selected to be a part of the syllabus.

Hadza Min Fadhli, a faculty member in the Department of International Relations, told PTI, ” We in Indonesia also intend to further strengthen our relations with India and therefore it is important understand its ruling party BJP. We expect the BJP will also intend to do the same.”

The author of the book said that there is no other satisfaction than receiving global recognition of his work.

Gupta has authored five other books, including the biography of Yogi Adityanath and a book on football in India.


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