Israel reacts to cyber attack by Hamas with deadly force: Destroys the headquarters of Hamas cyber operatives

Tel Aviv: Israel conducted an airstrike against the Hamas which destroyed the Cyber operatives of the organization indulged in cyber warfare against the Jewish nation. The airstrikes at the building were in response to a cyber attack emanating from the spot.

This is the first time that a nation has responded swiftly to a cyber attack to its interests.

Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said that they stopped the cyber attack by Hamas operatives before launching the airstrikes at the source of the cyber attack. The security forces say that the attack has decapitated the cyber capabilities of Hamas.

The extreme retaliation by Israel also shows how much serious the threat of  cyber warfare is and the extent of damage it can cause to a nation. This attack could be a precedent to future counter attacks by other nations suffering from cyber attacks by the enemy.

Earlier in 2015, the US had conducted an airstrike targeting a cyber criminal. What makes the Israeli move unique and unprecedented is the fact that their response was quick, deadly and accurately took out the entire cyber capability of the enemy at one go.

Cyber warfare is now fast taking central role in the new-age wars and conflicts because the potential to destabilize the enemy is high without much physical engagements.  The attacks can be conducted far away from enemy fire and surveillance.

Nations across the world are waking up to the potential and threat of cyber and electronic warfare that they are setting up separate branches devoted to these kinds of warfare.

China has already started the Strategic Support Force which is a wing of the People’s Liberation Army just like the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

India is also facing cyber threats from other countries and also from non-state actors. Israel’s direct physical engagement shows the importance the Israeli Defence Force views such threats. India which has embarked on an aggressive policy while dealing with the country’s enemy can also learn from Israel.

Israel and Hamas is engaged in a heightened conflict, the biggest since the war in 2014. Four Israeli civilians and 22 Palestinians are feared killed since the conflict flared up on Sunday.

The immediate reason for the conflict seems to be the sniper attack from the Palestinian side against Israeli forces.

Fortunately, both sides have agreed to a cease fire early today.


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