Israeli jets pound Hamas bases in Gaza after rockets were fired into the Jewish state

Tel Aviv: Today morning, Israeli jets fired at the Palestinian ruling organization Hamas’ bases in Gaza. This was in response to a rocket fired by Palestinian militants into a Jewish seminary in Southern Israel yesterday night. No casualties have been reported.

An Israeli military statement said that fighter jets and aircraft targeted terror infrastructure in military compounds and a Hamas naval force military compound as part of a strike on a number of Hamas terror sites throughout the Gaza strip.

The Palestinian terrorists had struck a seminary in the town of Sderot, which is attended by a number of students. Luckily when the rocket struck the seminary the students had already left to observe the Sabbath with their families. Sources say that if the rocket had struck a few hours earlier, then the situation would have been worse.

Earlier, the Israeli jets had fired at Hamas bunkers on Thursday after a rocket was fired from Palestine. Hamas is a fundamentalist organization which has taken control over the Gaza strip. The organization had engaged with Israeli forces many times. However, Israel has responded with intense force against their aggression.

Lately, Palestinian militants have resorted to use balloons and kites tied with incendiary materials and flown towards Israel farms in a bid to set fire to the farmlands. Reports say that on Tuesday alone seven fires were reported. Last year a large area of Israeli farmlands have been ignited by Palestinian forces.

Since 2008, Israel and the Hamas have engaged in war for three times with hundreds killed. Some see the recent clashes as the beginning of another flare up ahead of Israeli general elections in September.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Army has said that it holds Hamas responsible for all the events transpiring within the Gaza strip and emanating from there.

While historically India had maintained a pro-Palestinian stand in the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Narendra Modi government has reset the foreign policy and has taken the country more towards Israel.

On Tuesday, India voted in favour of Israel in the UN Economic and Social Council against the Palestinian NGO ‘Shahed’ from getting an observer status. Israel accuses the NGO of having ties with Hamas.

It must be noted that India voted for the first time in support of Israel at the UN.


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