JCB Prize for Literature : Benyamin’s Jasmine Days

New Delhi : Benyamin won the JCB Prize for Literature for his novel Jasmine Days (Translated from Malayalam : Mullappuniramulla Pakalukal). Benyamin received the title amount of twenty five lakhs, JCB award has the highest award amount.

Shahanaz Habeeb who translated the novel will receive Five Lakh rupees. The jury consider literature works in English or those which are translated to English. The plot of the novel is on the basis of the Jasmine revolution happened in the Arab world.

Jasmine Days tells us the story of a Pakisthani RJ.

Poonaachi by Perumaal Murukan, Half the night is gone by Amithab Bagchi, Lattitude of longing by Shubhangi Swaroop, All the lives we never lived by Anuradha Rai were the works which were shortlisted.

Benyamin was born on 1971 at Panthalam. He is a permanent resident of Bahrin had written over 20 novels. Benyamin’s “Adujeevitham” was awarded the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award.


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