Karnataka Chief Minister abhors official residence, loves to live the high life at the Taj Hotel

Bengaluru: Reports say that Karnataka Chief Minister, H. D. Kumaraswamy, has left his official residence and opted to live at a 5-star hotel in the heart of Bengaluru. It is said that since 2018, the center of governance is the high end Taj Hotel where the Chief Minister is residing now.

This was reported by a national media, which did a sting operation to bring out the truth of the Chief Minister’s life at the Taj. The reporters who came to investigate further were stopped by the hotel executives. They said that Kumaraswamy has been there for many days.

One interesting fact of the Chief Minister’s living habits that the security at the Taj revealed is that he changes rooms frequently. However, the guards did not divulged more details fearing it might undermine the Chief Minister’s security.

Reports say that Kumaraswamy was not interested to stay at his official residence since the day he was sworn in as the Chief Minister.


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