Kerala actor criticizes those who posted smiling emojis under the photo of Seva Bharati rescue worker Linu’s funeral

Kochi: The political and communal hatred of some people are shocking in Kerala. A picture which shows the funeral of unsung hero of Kerala floods, Linu, attracted smileys from certain quarters. This insensitive and poisonous trend was quickly criticized by leading Mollywood actor Unni Mukundan in his Facebook post.

Unni Mukundan said, “My heartfelt tributes to Seva Bharati activist Linu who died while engaged in rescue work in flood ravaged Cheruvanoor in Kozhikode. Today morning I saw many people put smileys under the picture of Linu’s mother crying uncontrollably in front of his lifeless body to show their political hatred.”

He added that it was time to forget politics and religion and unite and reminded that the sacrifice of Linu was for the people and urged everybody to unite at this moment.

Linu was killed while he along with other Seva Bharati workers were involved in rescuing people trapped in the flood ravaged areas. Linu’s own house had got submerged in the flood waters and he along with his family was evacuated to a camp.

It was from this camp that Linu decided to go with Seva Bharati workers to give a helping hand to those who were trapped in the deluge. Linu got separated from his group and hours later his body was found.

Linu’s family still could not come to terms with his sudden demise. His mother fell unconscious during his funeral.

Mainstream media in Kerala too did not bother to take up the ultimate sacrifice of Linu. The cold reporting of these media houses were lambasted by common people through Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media.

Unni Mukundan’s timely criticism against those sought to downplay and insult the sacrifice of Linu has been applauded by both his fans and common people.

The actor is a familiar face in Malayalam movies and is one of the leading actors in Kerala. His good looks and physical fitness has earned him fans from across the state. He was one of the first actors who took to social media to congratulate Narendra Modi after winning the Lok Sabha elections.

Unfortunately, the actor was viciously attacked on social media for applauding Narendra Modi. He later said that there is no wrong in congratulating a Prime Minister for winning the mandate of the people for the second time.


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