Kerala govt changes stance in HC: ‘No need for CDR, only tower location details required’

Kochi: The state government has changed its stance on collecting Call Detail Records (CDRs) of coronavirus patients as part of contact tracing. The government on Wednesday informed the High Court that only tower location details have to be monitored of the infected patients to ensure that a quarantined person was not roaming around.

The change in the stance came while HC was considering opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala’s petition against collecting CDR of patients.

The move to collect patients’ phone call details had sparked criticism and controversy. Ramesh Chennithala had filed a petition in the court alleging that collecting such information to prepare a contact list was a violation of fundamental rights.

Earlier the government had decided to collect complete CDR of the patients.

The court directed the government to submit a detailed report by Friday if there is any change in the matter. If not, the case will go ahead with further proceedings, the Chief Justice said.


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