Kerala HC seeks explanation from government over petition to stop education strike and college politics

Kochi: The Kerala High Court has sought an explanation from the government on a petition asking for an end to education strikes and college politics. The petitioner reminded the court that even though there were many orders from the judiciary against education strikes and politics, the government has failed to execute them.

The body that represents the interests of both CBSE and ICSE schools was behind the petition to the High Court. They argue that during strikes announced by student organizations the CBSE and ICSE schools functioning in the state are also forced to shut down. However, the government responded that it was not aware about the closure of CBSE and ICSE schools during educational strikes.

The petitioner says that these incidents have occurred in Kollam districts and is widespread across the State. However, the government said that the petitioner has not named the schools affected by educational strikes and college politics.

The court will take up the case for hearing next week.

The petition mentions that even schools under CBSE and ICSE are being forced to suspend their functioning on the strikes called by prominent student organizations. The petition accuses the government of not taking any action even though there are many orders prevailing. The petitioner blames the government and the police for lapse in executing the orders against education strikes and college politics.


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