Koodathaiy murders: Police raids house of local Muslim League leader

Kozhikode: The police are trying to piece together the gruesome murders of six individuals of a family. The main accused Jolly Joseph has said that she had committed the murders by herself. Daily shocking revelations are made by the police which brings out the horrific nature of the crimes committed. Besides, the police is trying to find if many others are also involved in the systematic murders of six members of a family including a two year old girl.

Today, the police raided the house of a Muslim League local leader, Imbichi Moideen, in connection with the murders and his association with Jolly Joseph. Moideen’s house is near the Ponamattom family home where most of the deaths occurred.

However, reports say that the police failed to get any important evidence in the raid. Police found out that before her arrest, Jolly Joseph had contacted Moideen many times over the phone. When questioned Moideen maintained that he has no knowledge of the murders and that Jolly Joseph had only asked him to arrange an advocate.

Moideen also said that once he arranged an advocate Jolly said that she already had arranged a lawyer through a relative.

He said that he had borrowed about Rs. 50,000 from Jolly Joseph and had returned it. Besides, he said he tried to pay Jolly’s land tax. Jolly had told the police that her ration card and some other documents are in Moideen’s hands. This prompted the police to launch a raid at the Muslim League leader’s house.

Reports say that the police is planning such raids at the houses of others who are involved in the case.

Earlier, police revealed that Jolly had planned to murder her present husband Shaju and also the wife of a BSNL employee. She wished to marry the BSNL official and had proceeded to execute his wife but fortunately the plan did not work out.


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