Indian doctor in Qatar loses his job for supporting CAA: Communal forces spread lies against him and threaten him

New Delhi: The work of communal forces have begun full-fledged against Hindus working in Gulf countries and supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).  A doctor who works in Qatar was forced to leave his job after these communal forces unleashed lies against him after he supported the CAA in a Facebook post.

The latest victim of the communal forces lies is Ajith Maliyadan who worked as a doctor in Nazeem Health Care in Qatar. Communal groups accuse Ajith Maliyadan for degrading their religion in his Facebook post.

However, the doctor’s post does not have anything that is against any religion. In his post, he says that the aim of the anti-CAA protests is to bring down Narendra Modi’s government. He adds that the easy way to do it is to incite one community to commit violence and create anarchy in the country.

While the truth is that there was no communal angle in his Facebook post, the communal forces spread the lie that it hurt their religious feelings. This forced the authorities of the clinic to ask for his resignation.

There is also a threat to Ajith’s life when he returns to Kerala. Communal fanatics have threatened that they will attack the doctor once he returns to his home in Kerala. Many communal activists have enquired about the exact location of the doctor’s house.

There were reports earlier too that communal forces are targeting Hindus working in Gulf, who support CAA. There is a conspiracy to oust these Hindus from their jobs in the Gulf countries and to destroy their businesses.

It is disturbing that even when a person has not spoken anything against religion, he is targeted just because he expressed his thoughts. The collective communal forces were able to remove the doctor from his job for his Facebook posts, which has made many wonder about the real meaning of ‘freedom of speech’.


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