‘May Lord Guruvayurappa bless you all’; Prime Minister comes as a Malayalee to Guruvayur

Guruvayur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has reached Kerala to offer prayers at Guruvayur, wished that may Lord Krishna bless all the people. He added Guruvayur, the holy land gives energy and enthusiasm. He was addressing the Abhinandan Sabha after the temple visit.

PM started his speech in Malayalam. Narendra Modi reached Guruvayur in traditional Kerala costume. Clad in ‘mundu’, paired with shirt and a white shawl on his shoulder, Narendra Modi’s appearance and words enchanted the crowd.

He told that’ be it Uduppi, Guruvayur or Dwarakadish – for us, the people of Gujarat, there is an emotional link. Coming from Gujarat, the land of Dwarakadish, to Guruvayur provides one a special feeling’. He also added that the temple is great and divine.

This is the second time of PM’s visit to Guruvayur. His maiden visit to the temple was in 2008, while he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

PM, after offering prayers at the temple, tweeted in Malayalam.


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