Ministry of Home Affairs says all landlines restored and schools, hospitals are open

New Delhi: The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), today, gave a clear indication that things are coming to normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir with the easing of restrictions. The MHA said that all the landlines have been restored and schools and hospitals functioning fully.

The banks and ATMs in the region have also begun to function as usual.

With health institutions fully working with 510,870 out-patient departments and 15,157 surgeries.

The government also blunted the opposition accusations that basic necessities were not received by the people of Kashmir. The MHA said that there is an adequate stock of petroleum products, food grains. Around 42,600 trucks have been moving supplies since 6 August to the state.

After India scrapped Article 370, the government put restrictions in the state with security lockdown and communication blackout. This was done to ensure safety and security of the people from violent protests and attacks of Pakistani based terrorists.

There were no untoward incidents in the state since the government’s decision to abrogate Article 370 mainly due to the security lockdown and communication blackout. However, the opposition tried to use this against the government and lies were peddled to picture Indian government as aggressor in Kashmir.

Pakistan used the opposition’s remarks to blame India in international forums. However, the attempts of the Islamic nation failed to make Kashmir an international issue.


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