Missiles fired near US Embassy in Baghdad as Iran threatens of retaliation against US for killing its top commander

Baghdad: Two rockets were fired into in Baghdad’s Green Zone where government houses and foreign embassies are situated. The rockets exploded near the US Embassy but no casualties are reported.

The situation in the region continues to be tense after the US conducted an airstrike against Iran’s top military commander killing him and several others.

Today the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) suspended training the Iraqi forces to ensure the safety of its hundred mission members.

Iran has promised to avenge the killing of its top commander and the US is bracing itself for any retaliation. Iranian Commander Abuhamzeh said that they will punish Americans wherever they are and said that 35 vital US bases including Tel Aviv is within the reach of Iran.

The United States have already asked its citizens to leave Iraq fearing a backlash from pro Iranian militia.


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