Namrita’s murder case: Hindu community protest in Karachi against minority’s murder

Karachi: Brutalities against Hindu minorities in Pakistan continues when a Sindhi Hindu girl, Namrita Chandni was found murdered in her hostel room.

On Wednesday, a group of members from the Hindu community staged a protest in Karachi against the murder of Namrita. Slogans like ‘Zalimon Jawab Do-Khoon K Hisab Do’, ‘We want justice’, ‘Namrita ke qatilon ko-saja do, saja do’ were raised by the people.

The protesters lighted candles and expressed solidarity with Namrita’s family.

The police have tried to depreciate the case by considering it to be a suicide but her family has asserted that she was murdered.

Her brother, Vishal being a medical consultant said that the preliminary checkup showed that she was murdered. He demanded that the case be investigated fairly and citizens should support his family.

The mystery behind Namrita’s murder has raised suspicions among the people questioning whether it was a case of forced conversion.

Recently, some temples in the area were also ransacked by rioters.

Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission have admitted that there were 7,430 cases pertaining to abductions of Sindhi girls from January 2004 to May 2018. Pakistan has been condemned internationally for cracking down on the minorities living in their country.


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