Never expected such a defeat says CPI(M) State Secretary

Thiruvananthapuram: It is dark days ahead for the CPI(M) which could only manage one seat in the 20 seat strong Kerala state. The party also failed miserably in its former strongholds of West Bengal and Tripura with zero seats to its credit. The once prominent party in the national scene has now become a shadow of its former self.

After tasting a huge defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the State Secretary, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, has said that the party did not expect such a huge defeat in the elections. He said that the party committee will scrutinize the defeat and appropriate action will be done to rectify it. He also said that the anti-BJP campaign ended up helping the Congress-led UDF in Kerala.

The CPI(M) is facing its worst electoral defeat since its inception. The party is leading in 3 seats only, one in Kerala and two in Tamil Nadu. It must be remembered that the CPI(M) had supported the UPA government in 2004 from outside. The party need not blame anyone else for its fall from grace but itself. The arrogance and violence it exhibited against those whom they ruled was unbearable.

In Kerala it ran roughshod over innocent Ayyappa devotees in the name of Sabarimala. Many Hindu devotees were jailed, beaten up and struck with legal cases to subdue the peaceful protests by Sabarimala devotees.

The CPI(M) also took to violence to silence political opponents. They had brutally murdered two Youth Congress activists which swayed the decision of the voters en masse against the communist party. Rather than curbing the violent goons in the party, the top leadership are seen supporting them publically and giving legal aid to those accused.

The voters clearly saw through this and decided to vote against the violent and arrogant communist party.


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