Now Pinarayi Vijayan turns against his own police force; accuses them of colluding with RSS during Sabarimala issue

Thiruvananthapuram: In a bizarre turn, the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan accused the Kerala police of colluding with the RSS during the unrest in Sabarimala. Interestingly, Pinarayi Vijayan handles the Home Ministry as well.

Reports say that the Chief Minister, in a closed door meeting with the top brass of the police force in Kerala including the DGP, said that some police officers passed on information to RSS during the Sabarimala protests. He blamed the police for failing to take more women into the holy shrine.

Pinarayi Vijayan said that passing information to RSS cadres led to the failure of taking women into the holy shrine against the traditions of Sabarimala.

He also said that the police force behaved like a lunatic when eleven women activists of the radical Tamil outfit, Manithi Sangam, came to enter Sabarimala. They were blocked by a huge wall of Ayyappa devotees when they tried to enter Sabarimala on 22 December, 2018. The women were chased away and the Kerala police had to face a huge embarrassment for taking the radical activists to the holy shrine.

The Chief Minister also said some police officers were working like RSS agents and doing their bidding. He added that some top officials also excused themselves from taking duty at Sabarimala.

Surprisingly, the statement comes after the communist party is reeling under a huge drubbing in the Lok Sabha elections. The party is trying to distance itself from the Sabarimala issue and claims that their hands were tied because of the Supreme Court verdict.

However, Pinarayi Vijayan’s comments show that he was determined to take women to the holy shrine and to defile the ancient traditions.

The timely intervention of RSS activists and Ayyappa devotees were able to thwart the communist party’s design and prevent the entry of women into Sabarimala.

The accusation against the top police officials, especially at a time when the police force is facing backlash from the public, is seen as evidence of the Chief Minister’s utter inability to control and lead the police force of the state.


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