Orthodox Church condemns attack on its church by the Jacobite faction: Demands that the Kerala government must take strict action

Kochi: The feud between the two warring factions of the Orthodox and the Jacobites doesn’t seem to end even after a Supreme Court verdict gave a favourable judgment for the Orthodox Church. The latest is the attack by Jacobite faction against members of  Vadavukod St. Mary’s Orthodox Church yesterday.

Following the attack, the Orthodox Church demanded that the Kerala government take strict action and also to execute the Supreme Court verdict. The Church accused the government for taking a dual stand when it came to executing the apex court’s verdict. The Church said that the government which is enthusiastic to execute certain other Supreme Court verdict is backtracking from executing the verdict favourable to the Orthodox.

The spokesperson for the Orthodox Church said that it is concerned about the threats to the lives of its followers. Yesterday evening, a group of people attacked Orthodox Church members when they came out of the Vadavukode St. Mary’s Orthodox Church. Four persons were injured in the attack and they have been shifted to a hospital in Kolencherry.


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