Pakistan must answer to the US on using F-16 over Indian airspace

Washington: In a major setback to the Pakistani leadership, the United States has demanded more information from Pakistan regarding the use of F-16 over Indian airspace.

The US moved into action after reports emerged that Pakistan had used F-16s in violation of the agreement it has with the US concerning the use of the fighter jets. The United States strictly monitors the use of weapons that it sells to other countries. The US had sold F-16s to Pakistan to fight against terrorism and was not meant to attack another country.

India had earlier given credible evidence that Pakistan had specifically used F-16s to target military installations in Indian Territory in response to India’s airstrike against Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps. Pieces of AMRAAM missile fired by Pakistan were shown as evidence by India. This missile can be fired only be fired from an F-16.

Though Pakistan rejected the use of F-16s, India’s evidence has made Pakistan’s position vis-à-vis the United States more difficult.


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