Pakistan ranks lower among South Asia in UN’s Human Development Index

Islamabad: According to Human Development Index (HDI) 2019 report, Pakistan has been ranked at 152nd which is actually lower than all other regional countries in South Asia.

“Pakistan’s ranking stood at 13 per cent below the average HDI of South Asia including Bangladesh and India. Pakistan made progress from 2000 to 2015 but its progress slowed down afterward,” stated the HDR 2019, reported News International.

In spite of improving the education and income sectors, the country’s HDI still remained below average HDI of South Asia and 12 per cent below the average HDI of medium human development category.

Pakistan’s performance of life expectancy at birth still lowered along with expected years of schooling, mean years of schooling and Gross National Income (GNI) per capita with all the regional countries of South Asia.

According to the HDR report, Sri Lanka was rabked at 130th position, Bhutan at 134th, India at 129th, Bangladesh at 135th, Nepal at 147th.


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