‘Partition in 1947 the greatest mistake’: Dr Jitendra Singh

New Delhi: Speaking at an event in New Delhi, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said, “India’s partition in 1947 was a grave mistake, which was inspired less by the will of people and more by the self-interest of a handful of individuals.”

Singh said,” Gandhiji had said that if a partition has to take place, then it will happen only over his dead body. But he was disappointed and on the occasion of first Independence Day he left for Bengal.”

” A large section did oppose the partition including Muslims who did not want to divide India and if that partition had not taken place, the present issues and discussions on Jammu and Kashmir would not have been needed.

There would have neither been Article 370 nor the issue of its abrogation. And we can rectify how far ahead or backwards our country has gone just because of that one accident in the history,” he said.

The minister further stated that the two-nation theory, on the basis of which partition was done, proved to be meaningless the day Bangladesh was formed.


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