Police raids University College hostel: Arrests 5 SFI activists accused of threatening and assaulting KSU member

Thiruvananthapuram: The University College in the state capital is the hub of communist student organization, SFI. No other student organization is allowed to work there freely and no one dares to oppose the dictates of the SFI leadership.

The other day a video clip emerged which shows a SFI leader, Mahesh a.k.a Ettappan, threatening and assaulting a KSU student in the hostel room. The KSU soon took up the issue and protests marches were conducted which led to clashes with the police and also with SFI.

After the uproar against SFI’s strong arm tactics, the police sprung into action and raided the University College hostel and arrested five members of the communist student body.

The opposition leader, Ramesh Chennithala, also joined the KSU students who sat in front of the college campus demanding justice. This led to the police conducting a raid on the hostel.

On Wednesday, a KSU student, Nithin Raj, was threatened and assaulted by Ettappan, who is a former college union president. Surprisingly, he is thirty six years old and continues to live in the hostel, long after he completed his course in the college.

Following the issue, the police is now gathering information about everyone staying at the hostel.


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