Prime Minister tears into Congress and NCP alliance election rally in Maharashtra: Asks if opposition can bring back Article 370

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today tore into the Congress and NCP alliance heating up the Maharashtra election campaign. He accused the opposition of politicizing the Kashmir issue while the Central government took the decision in the interest of the nation.

Narendra Modi said,  “Unfortunately, I have to say that some political parties of our country, some politicians, are busy doing politics on this decision taken in the national interest. And these political parties are going to come to you to seek your votes here in Maharashtra.”

The Prime Minister was speaking at a rally in Jalgaon when he made the scathing attack.

He asked the people to see the meetings and the statements of Congress and NCP leaders and said that their thinking about Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is completely opposite to that of the country.

Modi also asked if the opposition can bring back Article 370. He said,  “Can these leaders, who’re trying to fool the people with their crocodile tears, bring back Article 370 in Kashmir?  Will the people of India allow them to? Will the people of India accept it?”

He also highlighted that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are the crown of India and the government’s decision security measures were aimed at ensuring normalcy to the area.

Narendra Modi said,  “J&K and Ladakh aren’t just pieces of land for us but the crown of India. Looking at the security needs, we took the necessary steps. We have also tried our best to ensure normalcy in the area, amidst all the negative powers in and around the area.”

Modi also praised the Maharashtra Chief Minister Fadnavis for bringing development to the state and ensuring that there was no corruption in the administration.

Maharashtra will go to the polls on 21 October.


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