Rahul Gandhi seen busy with his mobile as the President addresses joint session in Parliament

New Delhi: While the President of India was addressing the joint session of Parliament outlining the policies of the new government, the Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, was seen busy with his mobile and ignoring the President’s speech. His actions on video has gone viral and citizens are wondering about his basic etiquette skills.

The Gandhi scion, sitting near his mother Sonia Gandhi, looks oblivious to the significance and the solemnity of the occasion while he engages with this mobile phone. His scant regard for the Constitutional head of the country has not gone down well with the citizens of the country.

The video has gone viral since it was uploaded by the BJP Kisan Morcha.

Rahul Gandhi is known for his disrespect for the seniors in his party and to authority in general. Senior leaders of the Congress party, who have spend years sweating for the party amongst common people and who rose through the ranks by sheer struggle, find themselves ridiculed and under the mercy of a man who lords over them because of his name.

Even former prime minister, Manmohan Singh, had to bear the brunt of Rahul Gandhi’s arrogance. The Gandhi scion had insulted the Prime Minister by publically tearing the ordinance that the Cabinet had brought out. He had no qualms in undermining the authority of the Prime Minister of India.

The Gandhi family who were treated as the first family of the country for decades have always seen themselves above the law. This preferential treatment by Congress workers had made the Gandhis feel privileged and the undisputed leaders of the Indian masses.

Rahul Gandhi, who led the party to its second worst failure, finds himself shielded by the party leaders for the poll debacle. He has since then shifted the blame of the failure on party leaders and common workers. Though he has declared that he will step down, Rahul Gandhi knows that the Congress’ unashamed dependence on the Gandhi name will ensure that he will continue to rule the roost in the party.

The government will present the economic survey on 4 July and on the next day the Finance Minister will present the Union Budget. This Parliament session will conclude on 16 July.


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