Religious discrimination in Pakistan: refuses food to minorities amid coronavirus

Karachi: Pakistan has been ignorant about the minorities existing in the country and such religious discrimination has always been exercised even at the time of global crisis. The Hindus and Christian minorities are avoided to avail food supplies by authorities, saying they are meant for the Muslims.

“Authorities are not helping us during the lockdown, the ration is also not being provided to us because we are part of a minority community,” a Hindu man lamented.

Hindus in Liyari, Sachal Ghoth and other parts of Karachi as well as all over Sindh are being denied a share in government food and rations if they happen to be Hindus.

Many marginalised people gather at Karachi’s Rehrri Ghoth to attain food supplies and daily essentials, however, the Hindus are denied of commodities and are asked to go back since the rations are only meant for Muslims.


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