Sabarimala is for devotees, not the venue for activists’ protest; Do the women breachers have any agenda? asks the High court

Kochi: The High Court today asked whether the women breachers of Sabarimala have any agenda. The court has raised severe criticism against the Government as well as Police. Sabarimala is meant for devotees, not for activists to protest. The court asked whether the two women who had breached the rituals  are devotees or not. The court also added that police’s or Government’s performance will not be entertained in Sabarimala. The court has sought a detailed affidavit in this matter from the Government.The Court has asked explanation on the basis of the report from Sabarimala Special Commissioner.

The court has also alleged the Government. The police has broken the law to make entry of Manithi team in Sabarimala and questioned whether the police is unaware of the laws.


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